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by Brett Lane

As the temperature heats up and the clothes get skimpy we’re often left with the
realization we’re not yet beach ready. So get in shape girl with our favorite workouts and accessories, books, creams and scrubs. And don’t forget the seemingly indulgent snacks so good you’ll swear you’re being bad!

ABOVE LEFT: Learn how to cook delicous meals and snacks that are high in fiber and low in calories, and easy to prepare! Lisa Lillien has done is again with HUNGRY GIRL 200 UNDER 200. Available wherever books are sold, including   ABOVE RIGHT: Need extra help curbing your appetite? Purple Lab has a new line of yummy lip glosses designed to plump your lips at the same it curbs your appetite with Hoodia HUGE LIPS SKINNY HIPS is available at

ABOVE LEFT: THE FIRM'S 5LB KETTLE BELL KIT WITH TRANSFIRM YOUR TROUBLE ZONES is a complete set to transform your body using the traditional Russian cast iron weight that resembles a cannonball without a handle. Increase strength, endurance, agility and balance all at once with this powerful workout. $19.99 ABOVE RIGHT: MBT'S HABARI sandal tones legs and glutes in easy breezy fashion, even while simply standing! Habari also features a back strap, so you can step in and out of them, and your everyday workout, with ease. Shown in Birch. $215

ABOVE: Perfect for anytime, Frank and the gang at HOLEY DONUTS have made beautiful looking and even better tasting donuts that are low or reduced in fat, many with 3 grams of fat
or less. Flavors include Boston Cream Oreo Cookie (ABOVE RIGHT), Raspberry Vanilla Truffle or the standard Glazed (with pink sprinkles!). The best part? They ship frozen, right to your door! Starting at $11.95 for a box of 6.

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