Dry It Yourself (DIY)

compiled by Brett Lane

Who doesn't love the pampering process of a professional blowout?

You know the places I'm talking about - it's their specialty, and they do it well. But since we can't live there all the time, Josué Perez, stylist to stars such as Cameron Diaz, SJP and Gwyneth Paltrow, has created a fool-proof step-by-step to get the locks we love. You'll be salon perfect in a matter of minutes!

1. When you get out of the shower, towel dry hair 50%, leaving it still half-wet. Hair has "porosity" so the leftover dampness/moisture help close hair pores giving it natural shine when blow dryer.  

2. For added volume use volumizer spray at the roots and massage it well to the scalp. Blow Dry on a low setting, so hair stays frizz-free while styling.

3. Use an ionic blow dryer, like the Rowenta Inspiration Pro cut, to cut drying time up to 20% without using too much heat.   The ionic generators protect hair from styling damage and seal in cuticle for fast, frizz-free results.  (We featured this dryer in the Winter 2013 issue, and it truly is fantastic!)

4. Using a concentrator on the blow dryer allows you to control the air direction, giving you a smother look. Without the concentrator, the dryer will puff the hair cuticle, leading to frizz. 

5. Use a smaller ceramic round brush. The smaller brushes will achieve tighter curls and help the style last much longer. Also, ceramic brushes lock in more heat and they stay heated longer for a styling bonus, unlike wood brushes which loose heat faster. 

6. The cool shot feature. Most people don't know how/when/why to use it, but when you blow dry your hair, you're essentially opening the cuticle allowing it to form (style) in any shape. (open cuticle = frizz). So when hair is dry and wrapped around the brush, finish it off with a shot of cold air. When you remove the brush and it's slightly tougher to pull out, that means cuticle is sealed in the shape of that brush (frizz-free). 

7. Take a break if you have to and practice! So many people give up half way and say it's too much to do. It's good to do as much as you can and go do something else that you have to do. When you come back to it, you will feel more eager to finish it and once you love the results you will become a pro! 

Check out Josué's website at josueperezhair.com



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