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Whether your goal is to lose weight, get promoted, go back to school or finally finish that memoir you've been working on, your goal is to win. In a world fueled by competition, winning is on everyone's mind, no matter who they are. So how do we make these ambitions a reality?

Grandmaster Y.K. Kim has written a powerful how-to for success. His new book, WINNING IS A CHOICE (Hatherleigh Press, $24.95, 2005) is a practical system that turns everyday competitors into success stories. No matter what your resolution this year is, or how close or far it may be, Grandmaster Kim can help you obtain that goal. Just adopt his Top Ten Winning Habits, and start strutting down the road to success in 2008.


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1. SMILE - Winning always begins with a smile.

2. EAT AND DRINK WISELY - The saying, "You are what you eat," is absolutely true. The purer your body, the purer you will be.

3. EXERCISE DAILY - Exercise cleanses both your body and your mind, keeping you ready for winning.

4. FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE - By focusing on the positive, you will feel encouraged and energized, which will help you prosper in life.

5. MAKE PREPARATION A HABIT - Preparation allows you to be more efficient while reducing mistakes and stress. Planning is truly the foundation for success.

6. ACT WITH PASSION - Nothing great has ever been achieved without enthusiasm. Passion can double or triple the results in whatever you are doing.

7. COMMUNICATE CLEARLY - Communication is the most important tool for building healthy and prosperous relationships, which are a crucial element for achievement.

8. SHARE WITH OTHERS - True accomplishment involves sharing your experiences with others. The more you share the greater your legacy.

9. LOVE TO LEARN - Education is mental food and mental exercise, and it builds mental muscle. Any winner is a lifelong learner.

10. FIGHT WITHIN YOURSELF - Victory in its purest sense is victory over yourself. By fighting within yourself you will become a confident individual with balance in your life. By following Y.K Kim's advice you'll not only be able to actualize your New Year's Resolutions, but conquer every task you set out for yourself. WINNING IS A CHOICE helps you make the most important choice of your life - the choice to win.



Grandmaster Y.K. Kim is chairman and founder of Martial Arts World and publisher of Martial Arts World Magazine. The author of Health is the foundation of Success and Success in Martial Arts Business, he is also a dynamic motivational speaker and promoter. He lives with his wife and two children in Orlando, FL.

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