A Boy Named Sue or a Girl Named Apple? What in the world is going on with celebrity babies’ names these days?
Gravel-throated singer Johnny Cash cracked us up years ago when he sang of the hilarious, character-building plight of a boy whose parents had named him Sue. As the song went, it all turned out in the end and “Sue” became a stronger person for it. But modern celebrities seem to be outdoing themselves with unique monikers.

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and rock musician hubby Chris Martin saw fit to pick a fruit when naming the “Apple” of their eye. Earlier, as the baby boomers tie-dyed and freedom fought, their offspring were left to fend off jibes at names like Six-Pack, River, Blade and Lay. As expectant parents check out the latest listings on favorite names for baby, they often look to Hollywood for guidance from celebrities. Talk about attention-getting. Here are a few choice picks:

Dweezil (Frank and Gail Zappa), Rumer (Demi Moore and Bruce Willis) Rocco (Madonna and Guy Ritchie), Zowie (Angie and David Bowie), Puma (singer Erika Badu), Makena‘lei (actress Helen Hunt), Zahra Savannah (actor Chris Rock), and finally, Whizdom (basketball player Jayson Williams).

What’s in a name? Shakespeare said a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. But a stinky name may be a burden baby will bear forever. Or, perhaps, we’ll just be looking at some stronger, more confident psyches in a few years.


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