by Katie McElveen


From banquets and parades to breathtaking views and festive culture, Switzerland offers more than the average vacation. In Zurich, it is as though you have stepped straight into a little piece of history. Get a peak of Europe as it was through the celebration of Sechselauten, exploring the medieval village, and of course their timeless treasure--the delicious chocolate! The churches in Zurich illustrate the beauty of the city and the strive to preserve its history. Of course what is a little history without a little shopping? Banhof-Strause has plethora of familiar stores to make you feel right at home. The only difference? The surroundings in Switzerland simply do not compare. Wether you are a nature lover, history buff, or you can out-shop the most avid shopper, this is the trip that promises to bring something for everyone.  Consider Switzerland “Europe’s best-kept secret” but it is one we are willing to share! 

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