DIY Quarantine Hair Hacks

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DIY Quarantine Hair Hacks

Is your hair grown out and exposing grey or your natural color? Don’t panic. Here are a few options: Grab a clean spoolie (or an old mascara wand that has been cleaned) and drag it across an eyeshadow close to your desired color. The spoolie offers precise application and washes out at the end of the day. You can even get fun and creative at home using bold, bright eyeshadows like you would with hair chalk.

DIY Quarantine Hair Hacks

Dry Hair? This hack is great for ANY hair type. First, grab an aloe plant, and pluck a leaf. You’ll need to remove the outer skin of the leaf and throw the clear succulent matter into a blender. Blend until smooth. Grab cheesecloth or panty hose to strain it further so there are no more chunks. Use this liquid to coat hair and leave overnight. If your hair is very dry, you may not need to wash it the next morning. Photo credit: Home Depot

DIY Quarantine Hair Hacks

Itching to cut your hair? Vermette says with a laugh, ““If you can’t see it, don’t cut it. Especially the back, because the Joe Exotic look is in!” But seriously, if you’re going to cut it, stick to what you know and what you can see and go little by little. Baby steps.

DIY Quarantine Hair Hacks

Not good enough? Vermette offers these tips if you MUST use box color: Stay at your same shade, or go ½ shade lighter. This will make it easier when you do return to the salon and your stylist. Also, choose an ash tone. While unlikely, if it turns green, use tomato paste or tomato juice on the hair and leave a few minutes to cancel out the green.

DIY Quarantine Hair Hacks

Out of dry shampoo and your Zoom meeting is coming up? Give baby powder or cornstarch a try; use sparingly to avoid white cast. You could even do this the night before and sleep with the powder in your hair.

It’s not easy as a woman (or man) to deal with hair that’s gotten out of control. A good cut and color can increase confidence in mere hours. So what are we to do now, with salons closed and no definitive end in sight, I hopped on a call with Paul Mitchell trained hair stylist Aaron Vermette to help us all out. He has also worked over the years with Matrix and is currently working with Redken products.
Is your hair grown out and exposing grey or your natural color? Don’t panic. We’ve got options. Scroll through the images for details.

Do you have more tips and tricks? Let us know, we’re all in this together!

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