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Volta arrives in Atlanta! Are you ready?


Experience one man's exquisite transformation


Hand to hand acrobatics steal the show in Volta. They make it look effortless for the viewers.

Everyone’s favorite performance group is back in town this fall. See Cirque du Soliel’s Volta, once again under the big top at Atlantic Station as a story of self-acceptance and transformation. Ultimate freedom comes with self-acceptance, and with the liberation of the judgment of others.

Lead character Waz is a gameshow contestant that has lost touch with himself. He’s ashamed of who he is because of his difference. Follow him as he enters the show in search of fame, thinking that this will bring him love and acceptance from others. What he will find is something else: that fame is not the answer. If fame doesn’t provide freedom and acceptance, then what does? Will Waz reconnect with his true self – and stand up for all that makes him truly unique? Will he realize that his difference is what makes him extraordinary?

Brett Lane

Brett has more than 20 years in the magazine business, starting with health & beauty articles and progressing into travel writing. She is passionate about sharing the many philanthropic organizations and their events in the greater Atlanta area.

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